We Are Stoble.

Kaia Anderson

We want to create great coffee and even better community.

At Stoble, we believe that thoughtfully sourced, carefully roasted, and precisely brewed coffee is a good starting point…but a truly good cup of coffee should delight more than just your palate. In the right hands, coffee can serve as the medium for bringing the unique qualities of people and their ideas together. We hope that you might be inspired by our coffee to discover your own better together. Here is a little insight into the minds and hands behind Stoble.

Matt Thiede

Hey I’m Matt! I’m an engineer who loves getting nerdy into too many things: coffee, star wars, making music, science, outside things, building legos and making forts for my girls…and also maybe for dad too! My involvement with Stoble seems to run all over the place, and has changed pretty drastically over the few years of its existence. I work to keep a high level outlook on the business, its operation, and the direction that it’s going, and then hop in to whatever job or tasks that need to get knocked out. I also  tend to vomit out lots of ideas, and the 1 or 2 okay ones sometimes actually help with our business (thanks to our clutch team!), but I definitely lean on the “jack of a few trades, master of not much” while I still figure out what I’m actually good at! Through it all, I’m most excited about the community we’re bringing together with this business, and I’m obsessed with the stellar team of wizards we have to make some magic goodness! 

Lauren Thiede

Hello! I’m Lauren. My husband, Matt and I have been Chico locals since 2010. We have two daughters, ages 5 and 3, who love all things dress up and imaginary (dragons being the current fave). You can typically find us building forts in the living room, exploring new territory along the creek, or engaging in epic family dance parties. Although probably my favorite pastime would be reading a good book while sipping a (still hot) latte, the thing I miss most in this current season is having (and feeding) people in my home! With that in mind, we cannot wait for the opportunity to use the four walls of Stoble as a hub for delving deeper into the amazing community this town has to offer.

Matt Johnston

I’m Matt, one of the founders of Stoble coffee along with Lauren, Matt, and my wife, Natalie. My wife and I moved up to Chico about three years ago to start Stoble, and have loved getting to know the area. When we first started out I worked on a little bit of everything at Stoble, but these days I focus on branding, design, and digital marketing. I love exploring the creeks around town with my wife and two daughters, board games, video games, mountain biking, pickleball, or just vegging out to some Netflix.

Cooper Koslofsky

I’m Cooper, Stoble’s first employee. In the early days I was a catch all for whatever needed to be researched and planned but lately have honed in on managing our coffee operations. Outside of coffee I don’t do much. I was born and raised in Chico and have loved living in this community. I’m an enneagram type 5 so anything information based is my jam, especially reading, my favorite topics tend to be Jesus and psychology. 

Alex Piasecki

I’m Alex! I’ve lived in Chico for 5 years now and am grateful to live in this awesome, hidden secret in California. At Stoble I help mostly with sampling and buying coffee from importers and coffee farmers, roasting the coffee, and help out wherever I’m needed whether I’m developing relationships with wholesale partners or driving coffee all over the town! When I’m not playing with coffee I can often be found outside with my wife and my dog, running or cycling, or playing music on the violin and reading something by Wendell Berry. 

Melissa Thiede

Looking for someone to completely destroy you in Star Wars trivia…. I’m your girl. Having spent the last decade in the trenches of a nursing career I’ve hung up my stethoscope for now to join my family and this quest to create a hub of warm drinks and warm greetings in the halls of Stoble workplace. My enthusiasm for seeing small businesses thrive and this town come together both within and beyond our walls has only been renewed by the last few months. My hope is that our chairs & tables become the starting points for relationships and opportunities that last far longer than our operating hours.

Kaia Anderson

Hey there! I’m Kaia. I moved up to Chico from San Luis Obispo a couple months ago to join the Stoble team after wrapping up undergrad at Cal Poly. I play a few roles here including running our blog, taking photos, making drinks, etc. Outside of Stoble you can find me with my camera, painting, playing lots of cards, listening to music, or exploring new places with friends. I am excited to be a part of furthering community and relationships in our shop and over our coffee!

Nathan Johnson

I was born and raised in Paradise, California and have been in the food industry for over 25yrs.  My love for food started at a young age while watching Martin Yan’s cooking show “Yan Can Cook” on PBS.  I love how food brings people together and how this community supports our phenomenal restaurants.  I am dedicated to utilizing local, seasonal ingredients and supporting our local farming community.  For the last 6 years I have been coaching basketball at Paradise High School and am currently the head coach of the boys varsity basketball team.  I am excited to be a part of the Stoble team and bringing the flavors of Butte county to the community.


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