Coffee at Home.

Kaia Anderson

2020 has been a weird year, I think we can all admit that. Normalcy has taken on a new meaning. Whether that is working remotely from home now, becoming a homeschool teacher that you could have never anticipated yourself being for your kids, starting new projects/businesses, finally learning how to cook, or having game nights with friends over Zoom, there has been a lot of newness for us all. In a season where uncertainty is at an all time high we wanted to celebrate the sweet joys people have experienced with their loved ones. While coffee shops are not the same gathering places they used to be at this point in time, we were curious how our customers brought that coffee shop culture into their lives elsewhere.

Katie Cooper

This year has been none like the others and being stuck in your home with nothing to do really makes you reflect on the true things that make you happy, and for me that is making coffee. I have been a barista for about two years now, but I have been a coffee drinker for over a decade (a Seattle local over here). It was back in April when I first discovered Stoble, and I was instantly attracted to the fact that they are local, run by families and lifelong friends, and that they were donating bags of coffee to essential businesses; what more is there to love?  

Throughout this year, anyone who has been to my house has asked me to make them coffee, and every time I make that cup with Stoble’s flagship beans, because it is just so delicious. All those people had the same reaction: “this is so delicious”, and I have Stoble to thank for all those delightful responses. Besides Stoble having the best coffee, they also have some of the nicest, silliest humans running it. Every time I have messaged with them over Instagram, it has always been a great experience. I have many special moments shared with the people of Stoble, but just to name a couple – the personalized tags on some of my bags of beans, and whenever they repost my pictures on their Instagram story, I enjoy their added stickers, and comments to go along with them. The workers of Stoble really know how to make a moment special.

I have shared Stoble coffee with almost every person that is close to me, because I live by the saying “the people in my life deserve good coffee”. Stoble has brought me a lot of joy to each of my mornings this year, and I will always be thankful for them and what they are doing for this community.

Christopher Robins

Over the last few months of quarantine my wife and I have been soaking up the bounties of nature around us. From hiking in the woods of Northern California and Central Oregon, to loving on our new apartment patio garden. The initial quarantine of Spring 2020 really made us appreciate the beauty naturally around us and the different ways we can enjoy and contribute to it.

In the midst of our reunion with the outdoors, we never go far without our favorite coffee. From brewing Stoble on a pour over in the forest, or using coffee grounds to nourish our compost, our love of coffee has snuck its way into new areas of our lives. 

These new appreciations were unforeseen blessings in our lives amid 2020. Habits and patterns always change throughout the years. But I’m certain or love of coffee and the outdoors are here to stay.

Nikole Enns

Hi, I’m Nikole. I am a wife, mom and an interior designer. Once a week for the last two years I have meet with a small group of women. We all own businesses and as you can guess, owning a business is hard. When Covid happened it became even more difficult. One thing we kept up throughout this year were our weekly meetings, on Zoom at first and then as things opened up a little we started meeting in my backyard, socially distanced of course.

As soon as Stoble started offering their drinks for delivery, we added this to our weekly routine. We all have our favorite drinks and even a friendly war over which is better: Pistachio Rose or Lavender Honey lattes. Meeting together during this difficult time with those delicious latte’s brought some joy to a difficult time. And the sense of community that I felt  from those distanced deliveries, helped me know that I was still connected even in that small way.

Kammi Soderman

The first thing I missed when lockdown began was going and getting breakfast. One of my biggest joys in life is going to an easy breakfast with my friends, having some coffee, and enjoying the company. Going out to breakfast or brunch was regular for me, I’d usually go any day off from work that I had. Once all of my local favorites were closed for lockdown, I wasn’t sure how to spend my free time.

Luckily for me, I live with my two best friends. I still had the great company, but we didn’t have great food or coffee to chat over. We would spend our days laying around, feeling unmotivated, and anxious about the state of the world. Having a delivery service like Stoble helped interrupt the seemingly endless, repetitive days. Instead of going on a quick coffee run, we were able to have it delivered to our door. Being able to enjoy a new fun treat helped bring excitement back into our mundane routine. Starting off my day with a coffee I ordered from Stoble helped bring me back to the little things I enjoyed, which in turn helped set myself up to have a productive day. It was difficult to remain hopeful and positive when it seemed like lockdown could last a life time, but the world adapted to the new situation we were in and brought little contact-less joys in very inventive ways.

I enjoyed Stoble as the escape from reality when it was delivered to my door, but I’m even more excited to go spend my days off at the beautiful new cafe location, with a mask and hand sanitizer of course. 

These are just some of the many stories about how our coffee has integrated into peoples day to days amidst such a different season of life. We would love to hear more stories about how coffee has played a role in your days throughout the last months. 


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