General Brew Guide Information.

A compilation of general brew guide knowledge that will help turn you into a great at-home barista!


Brewing Stoble coffee should be fun and not a painstaking task! You already have one key ingredient to great coffee made at home.. You have tasty coffee! 

When brewing coffee at home whether you’re using an automatic Mr Coffee, brewing in a french press, or making a pourover, here are some key takeaways to enhance your home-barista coffee making. 


Use filtered water if possible! Water makes up 98.2-98.8% of your coffee in the morning, make it count if your have filtered water available. 

Be sure to rinse the coffee filter in your brewer before pouring coffee grounds in! 

Place your filter into the brewers and soak the filter with water. This is called a rinse. It cleans the filter of the paper dust that coats it from the factory as well as pre-heats the brewer so that it will retain heat as well as possible.

After rinsing the filter, dump the rinse water. If you forget this part you will get diluted and weak papery tasting coffee and that is a real tragedy.

Now dump your coffee into filter.


There are lots of debates over water temperature used to brew coffee, we prefer as hot as possible. Brew your coffee with water hot off the boil! 

Brew Ratio

 When brewing a single cup we recommend starting with 20 grams of coffee. If you don’t yet have a scale, 20 grams of coffee is about 4 level tablespoons of ground coffee. We recommend a 16:1 ratio of water to coffee. This means for each gram of coffee you use, you will add 16 grams of water. For a 20 gram pour over you will need 320 grams of water added. For you without a scale 320 grams of water is about a cup and a half of water or 12 ounces.

After measuring the coffee it’s time to grind! To start we should be looking for a grind setting that makes the coffee come out about the same size as kosher salt. You can always adjust from there but that is a good starting point. 

Finished Product

Now sip and taste! You may want to make adjustments to your recipe and that’s great! If it’s coming out too slowly or tastes astringent, sour, or bitter, grind the coffee coarser. If it’s coming out too quickly or tastes watery, papery, or tea-like, grind finer.


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