An at home guide to making your own AeroPress!


We will be essentially copying the 2019 World AeroPress Champion Wendelien van Bunnik’s recipe. So we will be Brewing coffee in the inverted style for our aero press technique, this means you insert the plunger into the AeroPress and leave the cap off so that you can pour water into the vessel without it draining out.

Step 1: Start with 30 grams of medium ground coffee.

Step 2: Rinse your AeroPress filter to remove paper dust and flavor.

Step 3: Add your coffee to the vessel then follow these easy instructions, the amount of stirs is not the most important but the timing is.

Step 4: Using water just off the boil, pour 100g of water on the coffee in 10 seconds. (Always use filtered water!)

Step 5: Stir firmly 20 times in 10 seconds (or just stir continuously for 10 seconds)

Step 6: Put the rinsed filter and cap on the brewer.

Step 7: At 40 seconds flip the AeroPress and press out all liquid. You should end up with about 60g of liquid in the cup.

Step 8: Start with adding 100g of hot water to the coffee to dilute it.

Step 9: Taste and add water to get your desired strength

Step 10: Sip and enjoy!

The amount of coffee, water, and the amount of time in between stages will affect the way the coffee brews. As Always good coffee is subjective, it’s up to you to fine tune your coffee to your taste buds, this is just a great jumping off point for you and your pursuit of  AeroPress perfection!


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